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Jeremy Tremp prefers Cinelight 60 and VegaLux 300 luminaires for quality of build, quality of light and price

He especially prefers the Cinelight 60 models and the VegaLux 300 fresnel from Fluotec.

Fluotec luminaires have three main qualities that make the difference, these are the three great advantages:
The first quality that he points out is the build quality. Very rugged and precise manufacturing that withstands the use and even abuse on location work.

The second is also the quality of the light.

The third is the affordable price.

To say that the main three qualities are quality, quality and price is to underline that he is comfortable lighting up with Fluotec. It is not only the price that matters.

He points out that Fluotec luminaires are ideal for independent productions that do not have large budgets but do need to achieve the highest quality on the screen to add spectators.

He stands out that the Fluotec luminaires are stable and extremely simple in their handling.

He likes the soft light of Cinelight 60 because with this beautiful light he achieves a great skin tone.

He adds that the quality of Fluotec allows the cinematographer to concentrate on what he wants to achieve with the image.

Fluotec is the brand of luminaries that base their power on the use of pure white light.

Pure white light is full spectrum light, it can be tuned between warm, yellow light, which is tungsten (3200 degrees Kelvin), neutral white light (4400 degrees Kelvin) and cold, blue, white light (5600 degrees Kelvin).

The spectrum of sunlight is from dawn to dusk, a long range that allows you to find different dramatic intentions.

From an engineering point of view, the best light to faithfully reproduce the colors is neutral white light, which is 4400 degrees Kelvin.

Fluotec Cinelight luminaires allow you to tune between warm white light and cold white light.

Source: RevistaPantalla.com / TecnoCápsulas

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