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Fluotec The Choice For Imagen Televisión

MEXICO CITY—Imagen Televisión, owned by Grupo Imagen, is a national broadcast television network in Mexico that launched in October of 2016.
magen Televisión, the new Mexican broadcast television network that is launching on Monday, October 17, revealed details of its programming today. The strategic vision for this innovative proposal comes from Olegario Vázquez Aldir, CEO of Grupo Empresarial Ángeles, which offers audiences competitive products at the national and international levels.

The network’s content includes a significant component of Mexican-made original productions and hit shows from around the world. The fiction, news, entertainment and sports genres will be the main pillars of the network’s content strategy.

Aware of its historic role as the first over the air television network launched in Mexico in more than 20 years, Imagen Televisión is affirming its commitment to be a new media option for Mexican audiences that connects everyone, and where everyone’s ideas have a place – a network that inspires younger generations, looks at the world through a different lens and paves the way for new possibilities.

20 de agosto de 2018 ( Carmen Pizano ).
Como todo está avanzando, en Imagen TV se arriesgaron a utilizar nuevas tecnologías y se convirtió en el primer canal de América Latina en utilizar luminarias 100% de LED. Estas generan ahorros de energía importantes, texturas y ambientes diferentes, que se ven al aire, indicó Manolo Toledo, director de Iluminación de la televisora.

“Utilizamos todos los equipos Fluotec, quisimos consumir tecnología mexicana. Considero que LED es el futuro, cada vez hay lámparas más potentes que asemejan a cualquier tecnología anterior”.

Toledo indicó que el LED también es recomendable para iluminar producciones dramáticas: “No considero que esté peleada esta tecnología con ambientar otras épocas; además, compañías como DedoLight han generado nuevas técnicas para captar luz natural y hacer más eficiente el potencial de las luminarias”.

El especialista destacó que se debe diferenciar la manera de iluminar cine de la manera de iluminar TV, explicó que se requiere considerar como toda una industria a los profesionales de la iluminación para profesionalizar y generar mejores productos.

“Es necesario consolidar la industria de iluminación, en mi caso suelo dar cursos y enfatizar en el potencial y las diferentes verticales de este medio”.

Manolo Toledo, Lighting Designer, Imagen Televisión Apr 26, 2017


MEXICO CITY—Imagen Televisión, owned by Grupo Imagen, is a national broadcast television network in Mexico that launched in October of 2016. The network provides family programming, with a focus on women. It produces general entertainment and original telenovelas, three-weekday newscasts, magazine program “Sale El Sol,” and the “Adrenalina Sport Show.”

As head lighting designer for Imagen Televisión, I had to determine what lighting technology was needed for an ecological and sustainable network and the most comfortable studio environment for news, sports, economy and talk shows.

First we dropped legacy incandescent fixtures for LED lighting, meaning we needed lighting fixtures with high-end LED capabilities to provide unique looks for each program. Fluotec emerged as the choice.

Lighting starts with your own vision or concept. I approach the decision on how to light talent using the right fixtures for key, fill and back light. You need to know the capabilities of each lighting fixture. Specifically, I look for the quality of light with high CRI and TLCI indexes; I also consider the power and the “tune-ability” of the color temperature.

That’s why we chose a range of Fluotec lighting equipment to provide specific elements to the look of each program.

Fluotec gear installed in the new studio included the StudioLED and CineLight panels, VegaLux StudioLED fresnels, and ETC and ShowCo LED ellipsoidal and color pars.

Imagen Televisión installed Fluotec lights for its morning show, sports show and newscasts.

Once the Fluotec lights were installed, I had to determine how to utilize the gear for the lighting design of each show. I wanted pure white light for the basic illumination of each set and to illuminate the anchors and talent; then use color lighting for ambience and backgrounds.

For “Sale el Sol,” I used the StudioLED panels and VegaLux StudioLED fresnels for high key, but the same gear provided low key for our talk show. I found the right ambiance for each show by mixing accessories, like 50-degree grids, barn doors, gel frames and soft boxes. I used the CineLight and StudioLED panels for “The Adrenalina” set as well.

Fill and base lighting is provided by the CineLight tunable panels, while the VegaLux fresnels and ShowCo color pars help separate the anchors from the back wall. Fresnel fixtures are also used for back and key lighting, and can control the VegaLux fixtures through a DMX motorized zoom in our lighting console.

There is no perfect lighting fixture; you must understand each one and use it to your advantage. I am aware of and have used many brands, but I like Fluotec, it delivers the tunable pure white light I need for my anchors and talent and it has impressive luminance power.

Manolo Toledo is the head lighting designer at Imagen TV. He can be reached at

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